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Team Fish, Inc. and our CastMate Systems brand is revolutionizing float tube and kayak fishing, enabling you to utilize and organize every inch of space on your Tube, Kayak or Pontoon boat. Now you have a place for all your accessories when you are float tube fishing. Rods both fly and conventional, video camera, bait, tackle and even your flashlight have their place.

YakMate float fishing accessories


YakMate float fishing accessories offer better solutions than expensive Kayak add-ons or makeshift DIY. Be “fishing ready” in a matter of minutes.

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Pontoon boat float fishing accessories

Pontoon Boat

CastMate float fishing accessories make pontoon float boats even more versatile. Quickly and easily strap on our products to keep fishing gear handy.

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FloatTube float fishing accessories

Float Tube

The CastMate, CastMate V.2.0 and the CastMate Pro are a tackle management systems offering float fishing accessories to turn all makes of float tubes into flexible fishing machines, allowing the addition of a fish finder, rod holders, video camera and more.

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Meet the CastMate™

The CastMate™ System was originally designed as a float tube rod holder/rod rack, but has evolved into a platform for managing all fishing equipment and accessories for float tubes, pontoon tubes, canoes and kayaks. Among our additional accessories items are sonar mount kit, camera mount kit, tacklebox and more. Check back often for new videos about our CastMate float fishing accessories.

CastMate Systems™

Check out our video from the iCast 2014 fishing show and learn more about our exciting products. Click Here

You’re a float fishing aficionado and you know organizing your limited space in your specific type of fishing platform is so important. Team Fish, Inc. has developed a line of float fishing accessories for organizing your fishing gear; rods (conventional and fly) nets,fish finders,cameras( video and photo) flashlights, beverages and bait.

Whether you are fishing on a tube, kayak or pontoon boat our CastMate Systems™ will help you to stay organized and have a enjoyable and successful fishing experience.

Our CastMate™ and YakMate™ systems are engineered for users who demand versatility, flexibility and comfort without compromise. You can start with a basic two rod holder set and build from there. all devices we mentioned above can be used in both models.

Check Out Our Video Review of The CastMate Systems V2.0

All Team Fish Inc. float fishing accessories are made in the USA or globally acquired across several continents and assembled here in California. It is our promise to provide you with quality sporting gear that we personally use and believe in.

“We know that float anglers live for the water. Think outside the boat!”

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Think Outside The Boat

Introducing revolutionary float fishing accessories to the float fishing world.

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CastMate Systems