Best Float Tube Fishing Spots In Northern California

Best Float Tube Fishing Spots In Northern California

We all know, California is in the middle of a terrible drought. You see pictures of lakes from all over California that are less than half full and wonder how long before those lakes shut down completely from fishing.

It would be a sad situation since the Northern California lakes are some of the best I’ve ever fished. I will be showing you some of the lakes that are hanging in there, no matter how low, are still doing well, and where you may want to head in 2015 to have fun and experience some of the best float tube fishing spots  in Northern California .

Biologists and meteorologists are hoping that the prediction of an El Nino super wet winter will come. It may mean you have to wear your rain gear a little more, especially in Northern California, but there isn’t a lake in the state that won’t benefit from rain right now. If the rains came as they predicted and you’re home reading this because it’s pouring outside, then rejoice, this spring will be a great one and the entire season should pick up for bass fishing.

One suggestion may be to visit all these lakes with your float tube or kayak. If the lake is open you can fish it. Low water may stop boaters from accessing the lake, but you will have it almost to yourself in a float tube or kayak. There may be areas where boats can’t get to even though they are on the lake, and you can score when they can’t. Take every advantage you can. Let’s look at some great lakes no matter the water level and pray for rain.

Lake Shasta is home to largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass. All of which are ready to pull on your line hard. The large mouth are the larger and a little harder to find, but there are nice hungry smallmouth and spotted bass as well here. Numbers will come with the spotted and smallmouth bass.

The area around Lake Shasta can be a great vacation getaway with a lot of sites to visit The entire family can have fun and enjoy some of California’s oldest towns. House boating, kayaking, hiking, biking, and sightseeing can keep everyone happy.

Heading east is a lake that has to be mentioned. Becoming more popular every year, Bullards Bar Reservoir is a rising star. This lake is almost a secret to most anglers. It holds largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass.

A favorite lake of Touring Bass Pro Skeet Reese, you can rent a houseboat here and make a vacation of it. Southern California big bass hunter and avid fisherman Kevin Mattson recently visited the lake and found the spotted bass fishing phenomenal.

As we head into wine country we come to Clear Lake, just a stone’s throw from some famous wineries. This lake is located in old gold rush country as well, so there are a ton of sites and places to visit. This lake can also be a great family vacation getaway.

Right now this lake is also suffering from drought, but would fill fast with a good winter’s rain. Down about 10 feet vertically, there are a few launch ramps that are getting low and hard to launch from if not completely closed.

You should let your fingers do some searching on the web for the available conditions at the time of your trip.This is a 5-star fishery, so even if you have to rent a boat or use a car-topper, or use a float tube or kayak, just getting on this lake you should score well.

Just south is the giant California Delta. This is a giant and complex area with waterways that go on forever. Make sure you at least have a map, although I suggest making sure yourfish fnder has a mapping unit. You can get turned around and lost here, so play it safe. You don’t have to worryabout a shortage of water here.

This area boasts thousands of miles of bassy shoreline and every type of structure you can imagine.There are marinas with docks to fish. There are rocky shorelines and breakwaters, tules, trees, and derelict boats and barges. You do have to remember this is the backwaters of San Francisco bay, so there is tidal movement. But if the tide is moving the fish really bite here.

To the southeast is Pine Flat Lake, home of the world-record spotted bass. I told you the spots were taking over and growing giant in Northern California! The lake is a little low, but 20 miles long and still fishing well. This is a lake of numbers but also a place you might be able to come close to that world record. Quality 6 to 8-pound spots are caught here every year.

To the southeast is Lopez Lake. This lake has largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass. There is even a small population of walleye in this lake. The largemouth are still king here as the spots have not taken over this lake yet, but I’m sure they will try. The lake is sitting at about half full right now, but a good rain will raise it quickly.

Fishing was great last year and should continue this year.
Next on my list are the sister lakes of Nacimiento and San Antonio. The drought has really affected these lakes, but hopefully that El Nino winter I talked about hit us hard and raised them both. They are both such great lakes to fsh I had to add them anyway to this list of great places to fish this year. Even if you float tube or kayak them you should be met with great fishing.

Another lake I want to mention is San Antonio Lake. Although low water conditions have affected this lake as well, I hope that the rains have helped this past winter that and as you read this the lake is thriving again. Still fishable from float tube and kayak, the lake has a good population of largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass. It can also be a great camping destination.