Team Fish, Inc. and our CastMate Systems is revolutionizing float tube and kayak fishing, enabling you to utilize and organize every inch of space on your Tube, Kayak or Pontoon boat. Now you have a place for all your accessories when you are float tube fishing. Rods both fly and conventional, video camera, bait, tackle and even your flashlight have there place. Check out our video and see first hand how you can organize all your float fishing accessories, we also like to thank Bass Resource for a great job filming at the iCast show.

CastMate Systems™

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Float Tube Fishing

CastMate Systems V2.0

With the costs of owning and fueling powerboats rising, float tube fishing is becoming a great cost saving way to fish. Float tube fishing from your kayak, float tubes or pontoon boats is becoming increasingly popular.

While these pint-sized, self-propelled “vessels” offer anglers many advantages, being able to accommodate conventional and fly rod holders, fish finders, and other needed fishing accessories has always been a problem until now. Team Fish, Inc. has just introduced the CastMate™ System for expanding the capabilities of any float tube or inflatable pontoon. It’s an innovative, affordable new platform that makes it easy to store, access and use essential fishing equipment while on the water.

Made by avid float tubers for avid float tubers, the CastMate V2.0 is a durable, convenient system for handling and managing fishing outfits and accessories that can be easily attached to the side of any float tube. The CastMate™ Pro model is an expanded version of the original Cast Mate that attaches to both sides of a float tube, allowing for additional holders. The CastMate and CastMate Pro are not only effective systems for holding multiple rod and reel outfits, they also receive optional attachment kits for securely mounting a GPS/sounder/fishfinder and transducer, cup holders, video/camera and landing net.  Both systems are simple to attach using the existing D-rings found on most float tubes or by using the high-strength polypropylene straps that come standard with each model.

Watch The CastMate In Action! Shootout At Iron Wood

All versions of the CastMate feature corrosion-resistant, non-abrasive lightweight aluminum frames and high-impact ABS rod and accessory holders for maximum versatility and access within the confined space of a kayak, float tube or small pontoon boat. The newly designed CastMate V2.0 is an upgraded version offering greater versatility and more options for float tube fishing or in your kayak or pontoon boats.

The rod holders have varying heights and allow for unlimited angular adjustment, so anglers can position them according to their individual needs and preferences. The fishfinder and transducer mounts boast universal designs that accommodate a wide range of devices from major marine electronics manufacturers. The ability of the CastMate and the CastMate Pro to also safely and securely mount a video or still photo camera makes self-filming and photo-taking possible for float tubers and pontoon boat fishermen. With the flip of a wrist, the camera mount quickly and easily rotates for underwater action filming.

The CastMate V2.0 features a Lo and a Hi mount rod holder [fly or conventional] and has an MSRP of $89.99.  Each CastMate comes with a single frame that includes two (2) Lo-Mount and one (1) Hi-Mount conventional rod holders, while the CastMate™ Pro comes complete with a second frame featuring two additional conventional rod holders (one Lo-Mount and one Hi-Mount) for a total of five rod holders. In addition to the standard rod holders, The CastMate and The CastMate Pro are designed to receive additional attachments that allow for a maximum of eight or 16 attachments, respectively.

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