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CastMate Systems V2.0

We are happy to present a video review of our CastMate V2.0 system. This video review was made by Don Baldridge who tests fishing gear in actual real life situations, you can view his Youtube channel WinkieDoodles here:

 CastMate V2.0

The CastMate V2.0 is a revolutionary way to mount your fishing gear, creating an organized and efficient way to fish in your tight space fishing vessel such as a Pontoon, Kayak or Float Tube.
This system is unlike any other on the market at the present time, made of high strength polymer materials and marine grade aluminum which insures years of use and is even backed with a limited lifetime warranty.

As you saw on the video the CastMate System V2.0 was mounted on a Cumberland Float Tube,  the  V2.0 can hold up to twelve accessory attachments.

CastMate Systems V2.0

From a small tackle box for your favorite lures to a video camera and even a cup holder you can be fully organized and equipped in minutes. Whether you are like fly or conventional fishing we have you covered.  Our fishing gear mounting system really makes your outing  a lot more fun and definitely more productive.

Here are the fishing accessories you can bring with you using the CastMate V2.0.

  1. Conventional and Fly Rods
  2. Fish Finder
  3. Transducer
  4. Cameras
  5. Tackle Box
  6. Bait Box
  7. Cup Holder
  8. Fishing Net Holder
  9. Cellphone
  10. Flashlight

With some imagination you probably can add more.

As the video shows it is a easy and fast setup so you can be out in the water catching your limit, besides being able to mount on a float tube you can also mount our system on a Pontoon or Kayak.

Don produced another great video fishing for bass, take a look!

Once the weather warms up more Don will produce more videos featuring the CastMate System V2.0 out on the water and putting it thru its paces testing it under live conditions.

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