Some have asked, “Can I get it with Fly Rod holders instead of the conventional rod holders only?”

Yes! Many have asked for this option so now we provide the ‘Fly Rod’ option.  Look for the CastMate V2.0 Fly Rod Edition.  You can still buy pairs of the fly rod holders as needed.

What kind of warranty coverage do I have?

All CastMate products are covered with a limited lifetime warranty.  Whereas all of our products are manufactured to rigorous quality standards and each has to pass a number of QA/QC inspections, we know sometimes problems occur.  

If you have received what you consider to be a substandard part, return it to the place of purchase for replacement.  If they seem unwilling or unable [See also, “Do you have your receipt?] Contact us.

According to our legal counsel- If you have “…failure of an item, unrelated to a moment of carelessness or accidental breakage, though no less regretful, which is to be understood by the user as being unrelated to issues of quality, craftsmanship or design, then management or persons as designated by such, shall assign responsibility in accordance with established practice and standards.” Thank you, Mr. Attorney

According to Team Fish- We’ll stand by our product.  Email us.  Tell us the story of what broke and how [the more convincing, the better].

We may ask for photos to better understand what happened and then we will, in all likelihood, replace it.  In addition, be prepared to read your story complete with the photos you send somewhere on this site.

There may be a shipping fee if appropriate.  Talk to us.

“What if my custom made, six piece, bamboo fly rod that my Grandfather gave me is lost because your lousy holder broke”

Seriously?  C’mon… we’ll cover the rod holder.  Maybe even throw in a cup holder.  

All claims, for any reasons will be limited to the replacement of the device[s].  

That’s all.  And that goes for cell phones, camera equipment, any and all electronics and anything else you managed to take out on the water and break or lose.

“Do you have your receipt?”

“Of course I don’t have a receipt.  I never have a receipt.  The only receipts I ever seem to keep are the ones for stuff that never breaks.”