CastMate™, V2.0 and YakMate Instructions

Your CastMate™ comes fully assembled, V2.0 requires some assembly.  You have the ability to place the various features for maximum convenience and accessibility. The CastMate™ and the CastMate™ Pro are press fit without adhesives or rivets to allow for full disassembly for packing or storage. Review the instructions below to learn the safest and easiest way to disassemble for arrangement as needed. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Assembly & Disassembly Instructions

Step-by-step instructions on how to properly assemble of disassemble the CastMate™ frame.
WARNING: All adjustable tees have twist lock fingers inside and care must be taken to not damage by improperly inserting aluminum frames and mounts or by over tightening. It is recommended to fully unscrew the collar BEFORE inserting the frame to ensure the fingers are properly aligned.

Polypropylene Strap Assembly and Set Screw


All CastMate™ Systems come with the recommended option to secure using the included polypropylene straps and hardware. Polypropylene webbing is a soft, flexible fabric of woven fibers. Made from thermoplastic resins, this versitile material is perfect for outdoor use due to it’s UV resistance and waterproof fibers. Polypropylene webbing is faster drying, won’t stretch like Nylon webbing can, and is more resistant to acid, alkaline, oil and grease.