The FishEyetm Camera Jigtm by CastMate Systems puts your underwater HD Camera into the Fishing Action. Use your rod, reel and bait while trolling, drifting or anchored to film what you’ve been missing. Catch All The Action!

WARNING- Read and understand all warnings and instructions:

The FishEyetm Camera Jigtm is designed to put your very expensive waterproof camera underwater using your fishing tackle. Use your head!

Your camera has a depth limitation. The Camera Jigtm does NOT.  Know your camera’s depth limits.

  • Verify all clips, bow shackles and fittings are properly set and tightened.
  • Check all lines, halyards, monofilaments and control line tackle for serviceability and capability.
  • This jig will NOT float.
  • The line release option is for down rigger style use and NOT as a point of attachment to any control lines.
  • Wash all Camera Jigtm fittings and devices with fresh water after use. Wipe dry before storing.
  • Verify all contents. Three [3] Stainless steel bow shackles, one [1] Line Release and Clip, One [1] Camera Jig with lock nut.

The Camera Jigtm is designed to accept your underwater camera using a standard ¼ inch x 20 tri pod style adapter and locknut.  This will provide for easy attachment to your fishing tackle.  The line release option is to allow the Camera Jigtm to be used as a downrigger for light line applications.

Do NOT use the line release to attach the Camera Jigtm to the control line.

Position the bow shackles as needed along the circumference of the Camera Jigtm to achieve the desired angle.  There is no preset method of positioning.  The proper angle is defined by camera weight and buoyancy, desired field of view and the characteristic of the bait or lure selected. It’s up to you.

The most effective use of the FishEyetm Camera Jigtm will be achieved through trial and error.  Experiment with floats, weights and various angles to get the best results. Go online to see what others are doing! Visit the Team Fish, Inc. channel on YouTube.

Every camera is different.  The shape, size, battery, and underwater case all affect the buoyancy characteristics.  Virtually all cameras without flotation backs, when attached will orient inverted.  Consideration should be given to inverting the camera view either before [see your camera’s manual] or after in your video editing program.

Attaching two control lines allows the direction and angle of the Camera Jigtm to be manually controlled.

The use of various rigs and fishing styles, whether trolling, drifting or anchored are all appropriate for the FishEyetm Camera Jigtm.  The direction of the camera can be upward, downward or outward.  It’s up to you. When using live bait the camera will track the direction of the live bait!

Pro Tip

  • Put a split ring into the hole of the bow shackle shaft. It makes it easier to tighten and loosen when positioning the bow shackle.
  • Use a water bottle attached by paracord of a desired length as a float. Control the buoyancy by adding or removing water from the bottle. Add additional weight to allow the Camera Jigtm to rest on the bottom and remain upright and stationary.
  • Vary the length of the leader material when trolling to get the optimal position in the viewfinder.
  • By feeding your fishing line through two bow shackles situated suitably far apart on the Camera Jigtm and then back to a point on the fishing rod, the Camera Jigtm can be used like an underwater boom to direct the camera’s angle for a controlled filming or a hull inspection.

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