Kayak Bass Fishing Tips

You just purchased your kayak and outfitted it with the CastMate systems YakMate which is designed to handle and organize all your bass fishing accessories, you are ready to go kayak bass fishing on your favorite lake.

Kayak Bass Fishing Tips

Now your on the water and a good change of pace strategy needed. Sometimes a strategy called contrarian should be used. Normal reasoning is big bait, big line equals big fish. but a lot of times that is not the case. Throwing small bait on a light line can get you very good results a 4-5 inch stick worm on 8 pound flossy fluorocarbon will do the trick more times than you can imagine.

Sometimes going from a Big Norman DD22 crank to a Strike King 5xd will get you 10 pounders very easily. Give it a try you will be surprised.

Kayak Bass fishing requires patience and concentration, since your range is limited knowing where the fish are can be a big advantage in a kayak due to its ability to go places some power boats cannot.

If you are using the YakMate system we hope you are, then you have your fish finder mounted as you slowly comb the area slowly, whats nice is the fish finder can be mounted so you can keep a close eye on the readings. So the tip is be slow, be patient and really work your area.

Look for a tree on a bulkhead a rock pile or grassy dock, since the best areas are no more than 7-10 feet deep you want that bait to hit the bottom, find your shallow spot as mentioned and you will find bass.

The YakMate allows the use of a lot of fishing rods, bring at least 4 and rig them up a little different, use a crankbait on one a dropshot worm on the other, worms are important, all fish eat worms.

Scout the area first if it is a deep area see if there are any cattails or brush close to the deep area that might be the place to go first. As mentioned previously trees and rocks are prime locations.

Now if you are just going after big bass and don’t want to go light then bring the big heavy duty rod and the 80 pound braid, throw in a Berkly 10″ Power Worm in lets say green pumpkin and you are ready for some big bass. For big bass fish in a big lake there you have the best chance to land the big one. Berkely
Remember you want that bait at the bottom almost like it is gliding across the floor.The advantage of kayak bass fishing is your ability to hit those spots where you can place that bait close to the bottom and drift slowly.

Last tip is bring along live bait, whatever you can find. You will be surprised on how effective it can be. Anglers have caught huge bass with geckos, rattlesnakes and other off the wall creatures, use your imagination, but the old tried and true bait, worms, will always do the trick

If you are not familiar with our YaMate which is designed for kayak bass fishing accessories, read more amount his great system here.