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Kayak Fishing Accessories

If you love to kayak and fish then our kayak fishing accessories is something you should take a very close look at.  After using our kayak fishing accessories you will wonder how you ever lived without them.

YakMate by Team Fish, Inc.  – $79.95

The concept is revolutionary, we call it the YakMate. One of the biggest hassles in Kayak Fishing is the limited room one has for all there gear.

YakMate is a 21st century gear and tackle management system, enabling you to hold up to 6  kayak fishing accessories. Check out the photo below and see the YakMate in action.

Here is what you can do:

  • Mount your fishing rod both conventional and fly both hi and Lo
  • Mount your video or still camera, do you have a Go-Pro you can mount easily. The video mount also pivots so you can record underwater if you wish.
  • Mount your fish finder and transducer
  • Mount your tackle box
  • Mount your flashlight
  • Mount a cup holder for your favorite beverage
  • Mount a bait box

You can mix and match any of the above mentioned accessories to your kayak, per pair of mounts.

Kayak Fishing Accessories

YakMate by Team Fish, Inc.  – $79.95

Our kayak fishing accessories come with a limited lifetime warranty, in a nutshell if it breaks while fishing we will replace it.

All of our products including the Yakmate are made with marine grade aluminum and Hi Impact Polymer Nylon. Practically indestructible and built to last a lifetime.

The marine grade aluminum rod measures 33″ long and comes in a set of two and they are multi direction mounts so you can mount in any direction.

Kayak Fishing Accessories DIY

If  you are a little handy you can expand the number of mounts for your kayak fishing accessories. As the above picture shows you can add mounts fore and aft .

You can now increase  the total amount of accessories you have on board, all organized and securely in place. As shown in the photo you have all your kayak fishing accessories located where you need them. If you need a couple of mounts for two cameras you can with no problem. In the picture below you can see a closeup view of a dual camera mount setup.

Our Kayak Fishing Accessories Offer Complete Versatility

YakMate Kayak Fishing Accessories Camera Holder

The sky is the limit in your setup, and with this setup you are putting yourself in the best position to catch fish each time out. Our unique system allows you to mount the fishing gear you normally could not like a mount for your flashlight as shown in the photo.

YakMate Kayak Fishing Accessories Flashlight Holder

Whether you sit or stand while kayaking you have everything organized and in place where you want them.  Check out our article “Kayak Fishing Stand Or Sit” right here.

YakMate by Team Fish, Inc.  – $79.95