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Kayak Fishing  Stand Or Sit?

The idea of the modern inshore  kayak fishing  is stealth. In short, you can sneak up on em in a kayak where you cannot in any other boat. What if the fish aren’t moving around much? How about if they are in holes or hiding in the mangrove roots or grasses on the flats? Most inshore kayak anglers fish with artificial baits and lures just to spice up the challenge and save a few bucks along the way too..

So what’s the answer to this segment of our sport? Well if you could stand up you can certainly see more fish more easily and increase your odds of catching a few of them.  So do you stand or sit while kayak fishing? Since that question was asked so many times by anglers it gave rise to the standup kayak.

Kayak Fishing Stand Up Or Sit Down
Diablo Paddlesports for example have their Adios Kayak. It was and is standup flats fishing machine,it is an awesome kayak that is a blend between a SUP and a sit on top kayak. This is not to say that anglers did not stand up in their standard variety of sit on top kayaks because many did and yes many went for a swim from time to time. Diablo’s concept has really sparked the rise or revolution in the industry that is now going after the popular technique.

Native Kayaks has come out with their version of a stand up fishing kayak called the Slayer which comes in 12’ & 14’ lengths. It is not as wide as the Diablo nor as stable but very easy and comfortable to stand up in. The advantage here is it is faster in the water due to its narrower beam. The Slayer has caused quite a stir in the industry as has the Hobie Pro Angler.

The Pro Angler has a pedal blade drive system to propel it through the water and is a stand up and fish kayak. The 14’ model weighs around 140 pounds with the pedal drive in it and has some pretty nice features for the angler. It has grown in popularity but it is not inexpensive.

Anglers can stand up and fish in Both the Wilderness Commander and Native Ultimate kayaks which resemble a canoe to the novice eye but are really Kayaks. Both are fine boats and comfortable all around. Of course your own personal balance comes into play in any kayak. Your height is also a consideration where the shorter anglers have a balance advantage in rough water or windy conditions.

Sitting Down

Another big trend in the kayak fishing industry is seating. It is not surprising when you consider that many kayak anglers spend 3 & 4 days a week on the water. Many fish for several hours at a time so support and comfort becomes an issue. The designers at top kayak manufacturers have been hard at work in this segment of our sport as evidenced by the seating options available to anglers.

The standard strap in kayak seat has under-gone some fantastic changes evidenced by the Big Game model by Skwoosh. Several of our customers tried the seat and loved it, so now  you don’t have to run out and buy a new kayak in order to get a good seat.

If you are in the market for a new boat, take a look at the seating options that Native Kayak offers. They have long since been on the cutting edge of seating comfort in fishing kayaks and are not sitting idle. They have designed a nifty aluminum framed seat that is fully adjustable, has lumbar support of course and is covered in their 100% recyclable HiFlow® 3-D Mesh and Textilene® Solar Screen fabric which vents well to dry quickly and keep you cool.

So the answer to the question Kayak Fishing Stand or Sit is, both. Now with the new designs in Kayaks you can do both  a little easier.

CastMate best fishing kayak system

Fully outfitted fishing kayak

Whether you are sitting or standing the YakMate System from Team Fish Inc,  is something you must consider. If you are standing while kayak fishing then your focus is keeping your balance. Being able to have all your fishing gear in place and secure is very important. Having a specific secure spot  for your rod holders and other accessories makes kayak fishing a little easier and stress free, you are just more efficient.

YakMate the best kayak fishing system

If you are standing and your fishfinder is mounted in a way so you can see it  better without bending down that  is now possible with our unique fishfinder attachment. Check out our entire line of products and see for yourself how our YakMate System would be a great addition to your existing kayak fishing accessories.
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