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Kayak Fishing

If you are a avid Kayak Angler like we are, using our YakMate system will really make your time on the water fun and productive. This revolutionary way to mount your fishing gear will keep you organized and ready to catch your limit.

In the photos below we are using a Perception Sport Pescador 10 footer. The Perception is a 1-piece, seamless hull kayak made of polyethylene for light weight and durability. As with all kayaks they are limited on space and where you can put things, that’s where the Yakmate System comes in.

Kayak Fishing

The photo above is showing our YakMate systemsetup with 4 Fishing Rods.

Kayak Fishing

When you go kayak fishing you want flexibility in using your gear, in the picture above you can see we 2 hi and 2 lo fishing rod mounts, plus a mount for our camera as well as 3 additional fishing rod holders.

Our system is so unique that you can create your own custom configuration for your particular craft, this is perfect for the DIY angler. We are also available to help consult on any ideas you have using our products.

If you are into filming your outing, our camera mounts will really come in handy. If you use a Go Pro or still camera you can film above or below water(make sure your camera is for underwater use) just by rotating your camera attachment. Use 1,2 or 3 mounts if you wish to film your entire kayak fishing trip.

Kayak Fishing

One consistent complaint we heard from fisherman is if you are either kayak fishing or float tube fishing there is no safe place for their fishfinder. We took care of that with our fishfinder and transducer mount. As you can see in the photo above we mounted our fishfinder in the perfect spot and out of harms way.

If you notice on the starboard side we have a mount that can be used for a tackle box or bait box. We have had customers use it for their smartphone or Ipad. Below is another view.
kayak fishing

When you touch and setup your system you will feel the quality and workmanship put into the Yakmate system. Our entire line is built to last and give you many years of solid use.

All of our products carry a limited lifetime warranty but there is no fine print. If any of our products fail from use, let us know, return it to us, and we will replace it.

Below are a couple of short clips from our outing filmed with video camera attached to our camera mount.

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