The CastMate Experience

An Exciting New Addition To The Float Tube Fishing Is The CastMate Experience.

The CastMate Experience allows you to turn your Float Tube, Pontoon Boat, Kayak or Canoe into a fishing powerhouse. Now you can mount all your gear in a organized manner keeping your fishing gear safe and at your fingertips.

he CastMate™ System was originally designed as a float tube rod holder/rod rack, but has evolved into a platform for managing all fishing equipment and accessories for float tubes, pontoon tubes, canoes and kayaks. Among our additional accessories items are sonar mount kit, camera mount kit, tacklebox and more. Check back often for new videos about our CastMate float fishing accessories.
You’re a float fishing aficionado and you know organizing your limited space in your specific type of fishing platform is so important. Team Fish, Inc. has developed a line of float fishing accessories for organizing your fishing gear; rods (conventional and fly) nets,fish finders,cameras( video and photo) flashlights, beverages and bait.
Whether you are fishing on a tube, kayak or pontoon boat our CastMate Systems™ will help you to stay organized and have a enjoyable and successful fishing experience.

All Team Fish Inc. float fishing accessories are made in the USA or globally acquired across several continents and assembled here in California. It is our promise to provide you with quality sporting gear that we personally use and believe in.

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