The YakMate™

Does your Yak look like this!!??

Why Not??

The Yakmate Kayak Fishing Accessories

YakMate by CastMate Systems


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best fishing kayak

Fully outfitted fishing kayak

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YakMate by CastMate Systems

What Exactly Is The Yakmate?

The Yakmate is a revolutionary way to bring all your kayak fishing accessories and mount them in a secure organized manner. As you can see in the above photos your ability to have a successful outing is increased maybe 10 fold with the ability to bring multiple fishing rods, fish finder, transducer, flashlight, tackle box, bait box etc.

You also can bring along your Go Pro, video or still camera and record or photograph your kayak fishing excursion. Kayak fishing is a incredible experience and having the YakMate system really can enhance your time on the water.

Here are the kayak fishing accessories you can bring with you.

  1.  Conventional and Fly Rods
  2. Fish Finder
  3. Transducer
  4. Cameras
  5. Tackle Box
  6. Bait Box
  7. Cup Holder
  8. Fishing Net Holder
  9. Cellphone
  10. Flashlight

Each Yakmate System can hold up to 6 accessories, but you can purchase a additional kit and increase your accessory count to 12.
Each system also includes a high mount rod holder and a low mount rod holder. For your other kayak fishing accessories you can purchase additional attachments to fit your specific needs.

The unique camera mount can literally pivot and rotate 180 degrees so you can film or take pictures underwater, is that cool or what.

You can attach the Yakmate System to all makes and models of hard body Kayaks or Canoes. The Yakmate is made of marine grade aluminum and each attachment is made of Hi Impact Polymer Nylon.

All of our products carry a limited lifetime warranty, in a nutshell if any of our products break while you are fishing, we will replace it, simple as that. You can’t beat that for a no nonsense warranty, check out how to purchase below.
Watch a short clip on using the YakMate with Fishing Rods

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